Champfleury Cheese


champfleury 2Champfleury has been one of my favorite cheeses since the first time I tried it, so when it went on sale at my local grocery store, I couldn’t help but do a review for you.  Your first impression will probably be that it smells. A lot. Especially if you leave it on the counter so you can eat it at room temperature. If you do that you might have your boyfriend complaining about how the whole house smells, and then feel like you have to eat it all in one sitting, which might not be such a bad thing, since it’s kind of hard to stop once you’ve started. Trust me though, it is worth it for this cheese.

*Note: this is great way to get non cheese lovers to clean out the fridge, just don’t tell them it’s in there and they will try very hard to get rid of that smell.

champfleury 1Like many Quebecois cheeses, Chamfleury is made from a french recipe using Canadian milk (pasteurized, but I won’t hold it against them since the end result is so good) and cream, and environmental factors are enough to change the cheese into something  different from its french counterpart, and yet with the same feeling of the tradition of great cheese.  It has a “coppery orange” washed rind (which can vary between almost white and actually coppery), which is soft and thin enough to not overpower the flavour of the interior, even if you just get an outside piece.  The inside is creamy, with a texture reminiscent of a triple cream brie, but with an almost honey tasting sweetness.  I find that it has some rosemary undertones that pair really well with a nice Chardonnay, and it’s fruitiness also pairs well with fruity reds or cider. Try it with ice wine or ice cider for an interesting and delicious desert alternative.

Cheese snobbery aside, put a nice big wedge of Chamfleury on a Ritz cracker or a piece of fresh baguette and I’m in heaven.

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